We offer a wide range of healing tools through here, such as:

Blue Saffron

Herb with mood healing properties, can kill cancer cells, decrease swelling and are an antioxidant.


A green crystal that helps heal your heart chakra and levels out your emotions.

Eucalyptus plant

An herb that has clearing properties for your chest and cough relief. Can also be a natural bug repellent.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

A kind of mushroom that reduces inflammation, increases immune support, supports mental health, and has cardiovascular effects.


Medicinal herb used for high blood pressure, lucid dreaming, irregular menstruation, and digestive issues.


Iridescent crystal that helps release bottled up emotions, promotes self expression and self worth.

Rose quartz

A pink crystal that opens the heart’s energy and promotes all kinds of love.


Kind of herb that is used for energy clearing through your home.